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This paper outlines the history of the magnate family of Gorjanski (Hung. de Gara) beginning with its acquisition of the eponymous estate of Gorjani/Gara in the county of Vukovo/Valkó (in 1269) and the family's consequential separation from the Dorozsma kindred from Csongrád county up until its extinction in the male line in the first half of the 16th century.

The author provides essential facts about the political activities and fates of outstanding individuals from both main branches of the Gorjanskis, the “palatine line” and the “ban line”.

Each column consists of 46 lines on average, and each line contains usually between 45-50 characters.

Corrections and interlinear additions are rare in the main text.

The note reads: Anno D(o)m(ini) m(illesim)o ccc-o xcix-o xviii-o die mensis Nouembris facta fuit choruscacio mirabilis per omnes partes Slesie in crepusculo pridie Elizabeth.

In the late fourteenth century and in the fi rst half of the fi fteenth century, the Gorjanskis performed political functions (bans of Croatia, royal counts, castellans, city counts) and carried out military missions there.

However, some marginal notes and additions are clearly contemporaneous with the main text.

Changes and variations in the size and shape of the script, sometimes visible in the continuous text as well, suggest that the codex was executed by several hands (scribes). left, right, and also usually wide lower margins), as well as on the originally textless central parts of the leafs, there are various notes and signs (conventional symbols, e.g.

Out of the eight main texts, five have been so far historically identified.

They are the well known writings by medieval authors, one of whom belongs to the Early Middle Ages (pope Gregory the Great’s Liber pastoralis, on fols.

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Among the younger notes in the codex, particularly interesting seems to be the one found on fol.